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Pain treatment with Massage should be your ultimate goal!

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Nothing beats MASSAGE treatment to treat pain and other illness related to muscles achiness! That's right, not even the medication which only gives toxicity to the body. Unless the muscles is being manipulated (knotted out), the pain stays for a long period of time. Taking pill will only mask the pain and most of us knows that. So where do you rely on your pain treatment?

Don't wait for weeks or months and let yourself suffer from pain. Do seek massage therapy and say no to pills! You know, when we are in pain our day is nothing but dark, our face is frowny and it's extremely hard to wear our smile. The whole of us is just unhappy :(

I also heard a lot of stories from my patient that they had been in pain for a while. Their first go to therapy unfortunately is pills and the pain is still present afterwards. Well of course, pill will only numb the nerve that sends the pain signal to your brain. Pills is good when you are dealing with broken limbs or when it's really an emergency situation that you need to numb the pain, it should not be taken regularly.

So next time, when you are having muscle pain or any pain you may have that's bearable at a given time, your emergency therapy should be rubbing the pain area, drink lots of water, deep breathing therapy, think happy thoughts, stretch if you can, and lastly, look for a massage therapy near you.

Here's another story I heard from my lovely patient, "I need to get massage, BUT I don’t have time!" No way! There is nothing important than feeling healthy or else how could we possible perform if we are in discomfort? As a therapist, I learned how to read, detect, and feel what my body is telling me and when I feel it, I don’t want to wait! immediately, I will seek massage as soon as I can. My three main remedies are healthy food, sleep, then MASSAGE. These are my only three remedies for my pain and even when feeling down. I never put my work or anything else first. I have to take care of me first, so I can take care others and that includes; work, family, friends, relatives, community, my bills I needed to pay and the list goes on. Massage can get expensive but at least once a month is a good way to maintain your health.

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