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Booking Online is Easier Than Ever!

Updated: Jan 22, 2022


Booking online is easier than ever. Having to utilize the technology wisely can save time. When you book online using your phone, you can get your schedule setup whenever and wherever you are. Note, if you are insurance patient/client, make sure to check with us so we can verify your insurance. Currently, we are accepting Auto Accident or Injuries through PIP or personal injury protection coverage, Work Accident or Injuries through your Labor and Industries work coverage and Regence health insurance.

Note: To prevent the online booking from being abused by intruders, the software is asking you to fill out your information. It also require credit card number for the fairness of our business. You won't get charge unless you cancelled or no-showed without letting us know or cancelling your appointment within the 24 hours ahead of your scheduled appointment.

If you are a new client with insurance, please print and fill out the insurance form located in the NEW CLIENT FORM section. Snap a picture text it to 253-630-6614 ,fax 253-630-6624 or drop it in our location 12911 SE KENT KANGLEY RD KENT WA, 98030.

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