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Auto Accident Massage (PIP), Work Injury Massage (LnI), Health insurance Massage (New client form)

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Auto Accident Massage (PIP) Work Injury (LnI) or major Health Insurance must needed to fill out forms for easier and faster inquiries.

If you are inquiring about health insurance massage treatment, please fill out the form in the NEW CLIENT FORM section. Once done, snap a picture then text to 253-630-6614 or fax your documents to 253-630-6624 so I can verify your insurance as soon as possible. I will inform you about your benefits and coverage on the next business day.

It is also advisable that you will contact your insurance to request your coverage and benefits.

Please note: we will need your doctor's referral for massage therapy. You may submit it along with your insurance and patient information. Please book ahead of time using our online booking for better and faster services.

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