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  • By 7008519533
  • 06 May, 2017

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"Great relaxing smells"

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By 7008519533 06 May, 2017
"Great relaxing smells"
By 7008519533 06 May, 2017

1. Massage therapy is the ancient form of healing.

  • Used to treat almost any if not all ailments before medicine arrived. It was originated from..........!!!!drum roll please!!!!  Our ancestors.

2. Massage Therapy is the best treatment for muscle related issues such as hypertension, aches, and pain.

  • Yes, massage therapy is the most effective way to get rid of your hypertension, achy and painful muscles that perhaps causes you to be super moody. 
  •  It is the best treatment for chronic issues caused by previous injuries, overused muscles or repetitive movements.

3. Massage Therapy is the treatment that does not give negative side effects.

  • Only positive effects! If you get addicted, it will be the only allowed addiction you and all human race should have so you will have a healthier, happier and best of all a young looking you.

4. Massage Therapy uplift your whole being.

  • It feels like you are in heaven while you are being pampered. When you're blood is circulating properly, when your aches and pain is being brush off, when your tight muscles is being squeeze ohhhh, la la... you will be floating in the air.

5. Massage Therapy bring back circulation to normal.

  • Think about rusty pipe, you would need acidic chemical to melt it off, right? Our body is the same way, it needs to be manipulated, needs to be condition, it needs to be kneed in order for the blood to circulate properly.

6. Massage Therapy (not pill) is the most effective way to manage chronic pain.

  • No pill can get rid of your pain. It can only control the nerves that sends signal to the brain. When you take pill, you won't feel the pain anymore because it was being block but the pain is actually still present in your muscles. When you don't feel the pain you are more likely to do more strenuous work. As a result, the pain become severe . Pain killer is never a good idea, massage therapy does.

7. Massage Therapy can get rid of HEADACHES & MIGRAINES.

  • Yes, it is proven by me and many others! Some people will immediately take headache medication to relieve the pain. But, as I mentioned earlier, pain killer only blocks the nerves not cure the pain. With massage therapy, your tight muscles that causes the pain, or the aggravated nerve that cause the pain, will open up and the blood starts to flow around the area.

8. Massage Therapy can help you with sleep.

  • Because your blood gets circulated properly and your nerves are more calmer, you are going to be more relax and sleep like a baby.

9. Massage Therapy can rejuvenate skin and muscles and your whole being.

  • Yes, because your skin gets exfoliated, your muscles gets manipulated, your blood starts to feel more alive, you are comforted and love and you simply feel and experience complete.

10. Massage Therapy relaxes your nervous system and reduces anxiety.

  • It all goes back to the whole muscular system that has proper circulation and balanced body and mind. Massage treatment can do just that and it will magically calm you down.

11. The touch of Massage Therapy gives you - human connection.

  • You just made the grandest accomplishment.! f you are quit type person who do not like to associate with people Yet, you made a huge steps and decided to get massage therapy, WOW! congratulation, you just made a connections with another human being. You trusted someone to explore your muscles, to manipulate your muscles and to properly treat you! 


  • Get your massage as soon as you can and start loving yourself, treating yourself, healing yourself and be renewed!

By charu.sinha 04 Apr, 2017

I have been coming to Body Works for many years. Love Mailyn, the owner--she has a beautiful spirit and wants her customers to have only the best. All the therapists are excellent. They are skilled in their craft, and always make you feel like a part of their Body Works family. Go there!! You won't regret it. 😀😀👍👍👍
By charu.sinha 04 Apr, 2017
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