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Coronavirus Outbreak Precaution

Dear patient/client,

While the world is in panic due to coronavirus outbreak, I would like to let you know that there is nothing for us to worry if we are healthy and have strong immune system.

However, let us take extra preventative measure to prevent ourselves from getting infected. If you are feeling sick even a slight sickness, please inform me as soon as possible. I will do the same if I do not feel well.

Always remember that we as the healthcare provider are honored to provide care for you if you are not contiguous. Contiguous patient/client is beyond the scope of our practice. I would like to give you some tips in case you feel ill. Also know that you can do this prevention in a daily basis so sickness will likely to flee from us. Also remember, that this is not the cure for any acute health issues. If you are allergic, do not drink or eat the following. Consult your other provider if necessary.

Tips for self-care if you are feeling ill

  1. If you are feeling achy, massage your neck and shoulder, hands and feet.

  2. Drink plenty of fluid such as water, herbal drink (which I will provide recipe below). Aim to drink a total 1 gallon of fluid if you can.

  3. Avoid eating sugary food, viruses and bacteria love sugar so this is not a good time to indulge sugar as you become susceptible.

  4. Take a warm bath as often as you can

  5. Get lots of rest

  6. Eat healthy foods

Things to do before you go to your treatment

  1. Practice good hygiene. I encourage you to please wash your hands thoroughly before you get into the treatment room.

  2. When you open and close the door, use extra precaution such as using your elbow or use tissue so your hands will not directly contact the door knobs.

  3. Feel free to use the wipes and alcohol if needed.


Super simple hot ginger tea

  1. Boil hot water

  2. Smash good amount of ginger. You can make it strong or not, it is up to you, but if you are not use to ginger, I suggest start with small amount. Please do not get the large ginger as those are not organic.

  3. Pour boiling water to a cup and add your smashed ginger. That is it! Drink as many cups as you can handle.

Powerful home remedies herbs recipe

  1. Raw garlic

  2. Raw shallots

  3. Raw ginger

  4. Apple cider

  5. Salt and pepper

Slice raw garlic, shallots, ginger and add apple cider vinegar. Salt and pepper to taste. You can use this mixture as your steak sauce and they are extraordinary delicious!

Disclaimer: these recipes does not intend to cure any acute health problem rather to prevent. You may be allergic to these ingredients so please take responsibility before consuming.

Thank you for your cooperation and I wish you a great health amidst this health crisis.


Narilyn Baylon

Body Works Massage Clinic