Wellness Program

Our wellness program offers substantial savings to frequent clients. We would like you to avail the affordable massage therapy if you wish to come in a regular basis. It is our best interest that you can obtain wellness your body deserve. 

Wellness Program Summary

  • - More health and wellness benefits your body well get
    • spiritual wellness
    • mental wellness
    • emotional wellness
    • physical wellness
  • - Offers substantial savings to frequent clients
  • - Very affordable
  • - The more massage therapy you get within a month, the more savings you will get
  • - Ability to put your membership on-hold
  • - Easy cancellation with no questions ask. JOIN TODAY 

The Biological Benefits of Frequent Massage

By: Mark Hyman Rappaport, MD


Our Client testimony

Sandy is one of our wellness client that has been receiving massage treatment for over 20 years! She gets massages once a week as part of her gift for herself. According to her “everyone should get a massage as it gives you longevity” I believe Sandy is now 75 years old and she looks stunningly healthy!

Massage and Aging

"More aging adults and eldercare facilities across the country are integrating massage therapy into their wellness routines, noting it can help temper aches and pains, reduce stress and aid in post-operative care." Click the link to learn more https://www.amtamassage.org/research/Massage-Therapy-Research-Roundup/Research-Roundup.html